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90 Degree Flashbang Pole W/Clamp Head Assembly..

Price: $1,125.00
Manufacturer: J&N Tactical
Manufacturer Part No: BANGSTICK

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Make/Model NFDD :
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The Bangstick 90 degree NFDD delivery pole is very similar to the BP-2, however, the 90 degree angled head allows the operator a standoff distance from an opening. The port team operator deploys the NFDD into the opening while standing at an angle to the opening being ported. The Bangstick is handled by grasping just below the round ring near the center of the pole with your strong hand and your reaction hand positioned near the bottom of the pole.

Near the bottom of the Bangstick is a 5 ½" stand-off. While deploying the Bangstick, the operator ports the upward portion of the window, pulls the stand-off into your body/belt line which keeps the trigger free from any obstructions such as your body armor/duty belt, etc. The trigger is pulled with your reaction hand.

Once the operator has ported the opening, the pole is given a ¼ turn which places the NFDD to the highest part of the ceiling. This gives your NFDD the most performance as well as avoiding any human contact with the body of the NFDD.

Once the NFDD has deflagrated, the operator can quickly rake out the window by pulling down from the top corner, across the bottom and in an upward position to the top of the frame if necessary. Tool holder (TH-1), protective clamp head cover is a standard options which are included in the price of the NFDD delivery pole.

Note: The Bangstick has no extensions or attachments other than the variety of clamp heads for various makes/models of NFDD's. The Bangstick is designed for ground level operations.



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