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Price: $400.00
Item Number: RIT3
Manufacturer: J&N Tactical
Manufacturer Part No: RIT3
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J&N Tactical has introduced the new R.I.T. Tool for fire operations.  The tool has been tested by several fire departments who have commented on how quickly it clears out windows, screens and window coverings.  The tool can be slung by the firefighter thus making it very safe to carry up a ladder.  Once at the port location, the firefighter disconnects the center shackle and now the tool can be deployed with the handle still secured to the firefighter working off a ladder.  The sling retains the tool in the event the firefighter looses his/her handhold while clearing out an opening.

SWAT teams have said "it not only most destructive break and rake tool they have ever used but the most effective"  The patentented two break-head design, US patent 8,387,487B2, allows the firefighter to clear more glass quicker and easier with a chop from the side or a port  from the front with both break heads.  

The "hammer plate" located at the base of the "Y" will pound out both the vertical and horizontal window supports. The break heads were also engineered to port/breach the top and bottom sliding windows on school busses. The laser cut teeth on the break heads will pull fabric and window blinds from the opening. The two break heads each have five replaceable, sharp, hardened steel tips to weaken and break heavy glass. Just below the break heads are four rake fins which assist in removing stubborn glass captured by window moldings, etc. The D-Handle and shaft of the RIT Tool are resin coated for a good firm grip by the firefirghter. 

The RIT tools come in three and five foot.  RIT 3 and the RIT 5.  The RIT Tool is a another high quality and durable tool which will give your department many solid years of service.

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