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Vandal BR-3-SH (Single Head)

Price: $385.00
Item Number: BR-3-SH
Manufacturer: J&N Tactical
Manufacturer Part No: BR-3-SH
tax free

J&N Tactical has released a single head design of the Vandal BR-3 break and rake tool.  The laser cut teeth on the break heads will pull fabric and window blinds from the opening with ease. The break head has five replaceable, sharp, hardened steel tips to weaken and break heavy glass. Just below the break heads are four rake fins which assist in removing stubborn glass captured by window moldings, etc. The D-Handle and handle shaft of the Vandal™ are resin coated for a good firm grip by the operator. The Vandal™ is another high quality and durable tool which will give your team many years of service.

The BR-3-SH comes with a quick release sling which alows the operator move up to a port location, climb a ladder or work up to a platform hands free. 

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