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Vandal BR-5

Price: $400.00
Item Number: BR-5
Manufacturer: J&N Tactical
Manufacturer Part No: Vandal BR-5
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J&N Tactical has released, what operators have called "the ultimate break and rake", the new Vandal™. The Vandal™ comes in lengths of three, five and six foot. Operators who performed the T&E have said... "It is not only the most destructive break and rake tool they had ever used, but the most EFFECTIVE". J&N Tactical’s patented, double break-head design, allows the operator a greater tactical advantage when breaking and clearing out an opening. The "Y, which connects the two break heads to the handle, was designed and placed at a 45-degree angle. The angle of the break head allows an operator the ability to stand to the side of an opening and port the window with using a chopping technique, instead of standing in front of the opening, thus creating additional exposure to the operator.


The plate at the base of the "Y" is referred to as the "hammer plate". In the center of the hammer plate is a hardened steel breaker tip. The hammer plate will pound out both vertical and horizontal window supports, the breaker tip just assists in weakening the plastic/vinyl or wood supports as they are funneled into the hammer plate/base of the "Y".

The break heads have been engineered to punch out top and bottom sliding windows on school and commuter busses. The laser cut teeth on the break heads will pull fabric and window blinds from the opening with ease. Each break head has five replaceable, sharp, hardened steel tips to weaken and break heavy glass. Just below the break heads are four rake fins which assist in removing stubborn glass captured by window moldings, etc. The D-Handle and handle shaft of the Vandal™ are resin coated for a good firm grip by the operator. The Vandal™ is another high quality and durable tool which will give your team many years of service.


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