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SHIPPING INFORMATION: Orders will be shipped out by UPS. All orders are FOB origin, when products leave J&N Tactical, all responsibility for the products switches to the consumer. Freight charges include insurance. DAMAGED MERCHANDISE INSTRUCTIONS: Call UPS Toll free 1-800-742-5877 and ask for damage inspection. SAVE shipping carton and documents. Call us and we will follow up to assure your satisfaction. DELIVERY: Estimates of delivery are based on the Seller’s information at the time of the order, and cannot be guaranteed, nor will Seller be responsible for any delays in the performance including, but not limited to, fires, strikes, floods, accidents, delays of carriers, failure of Seller’s Supplier to meet delivery promises, acts of God, war, riot, acts of civil or military authorities, breakdown of machinery, storm or any other circumstances or causes beyond the control fo the Seller in the reasonable conduct of its business.